Calls for fresh ideas for key site

After more than 14 years of denials, Conservatives running the council have given in to Lib Dem demands and used their powers to get the cinema site demolished.

Liberal Democrats in Tunbridge Wells have gathered thousands of signatures from local people who are fed up with inaction and broken promises on the town centre eyesore.

Senior Conservatives claimed that there was nothing they could do about it, but eventually made a dramatic u-turn and used the powers that Lib Dems had demanded.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re delighted to have finally got some progress.” says Lib Dem council group leader, David Neve.

“Like all local residents I was getting sick and tired of hearing endless Conservative excuses for failure.

“It may be long-overdue, but at least they’ve finally listened to common sense for once.”

Despite this victory local Liberal Democrats are keeping their feet on the ground as there are still no plans to build anything on the site.

Local Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner, James MacCleary, adds: “We’ve been out on the streets week in week out speaking to ordinary, local people and the message is the same - enough is enough.

“The Conservatives have been failing us locally for too long and no-one believes they will actually get the site developed.

“We want to make sure that the site can once again be used by the public. Some early suggestions have included a temporary pop-up park for the site.

“It is clear that there is lots of work still to do, but we won’t give up and will continue to get out there gathering signatures and keeping up the pressure.”

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    Whilst the Council obviously want to get financial income from the site we should wake up to the fact that this may be unachievable in the foreseeable future. In such a situation there is therefore an argument for the Council to acquire the site and create something of benefit to the public. One such thought is a good art gallery (take a look at what Eastbourne has done). This wouldn’t use the whole site and the remainder could be used to create some central gardens.

    On the subject of attracting people to Tunbridge Wells nothing is going to be achieved until the traffic problems have solved. When will this happen???
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    Mark Rees (Former TWBC Cllr)

    The loss of our cinema was outrage and the subsequent “games” played by potential developers are disgraceful Personally, I’d like to see the site as a park. From what I recall all the members of the planning committee were angry about the situation.
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    TBWBC should buy the site and create a municipal market. It could have stalls for local producers, small restaurants etc. Wouldn’t that be something special for Tunbridge Wells!
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    I think it should be made into a park area for workers and visitors to the town have an area to relax close to the town
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    CPO the site. It can be done legally at what it is actually worth – not what the owners are demanding. Its value appears to be very low due to restrictions on building on it. If it cant be built, let’s have imaginative open space, maybe with lightweight buildings on it, but for heaven’s sake GET ON WITH IT. The Councils performance over 15 years has been a disgrace
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