About Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats



Ben Chapelard

A message from Ben Chapelard, Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrat PPC and council group leader


Tunbridge Wells borough is ready. We, the Liberal Democrats are ready. It is time for much needed change in Tunbridge Wells.

Tunbridge Wells has been run by the Conservatives since 1997. They have had time to do the things residents need.  Some of their achievements are good, but they have become out of touch with residents. Remember the £11m they wasted on the Calverley Square project? Their outlook is towards the past.

It is high time for a fresh new approach. 

As the opposition in Tunbridge Wells, the Liberal Democrats have achieved much. We work hard for our residents, listen to them and continue to campaign on the issues that matter to you. Our manifesto is the result of thousands of conversations on the doorstep listening to your concerns.

Our manifesto is our ambitious vision for where we live. "Our Plans" are in the above tab and here.  I hope you will feel confident to lend the Liberal Democrats your vote so that we can deliver on your aspirations for our town and borough.


With best wishes,


Councillor Ben Chapelard

Leader of the Opposition Tunbridge Wells Borough Council




To promote a clean and safe town and borough where people of all ages and backgrounds want to and can live, work, learn and play.

This means we need affordable housing, we need activities for old and young. We want sports fields and green spaces where people can walk and kick a ball around, take their dogs and exercise. We need thriving local businesses (as well as the big chains), a range of good jobs locally and excellent communications with London where, in normal times, so many of us work. We need a thriving and diverse arts scene so that provides something for everyone. We want sustainability, green investments, cleaner air and less congested roads.






We have a statutory requirement to consult, but we need to pay more than lip-service to consultation, to consult, to listen and to bring communities in from the early stages of decision-making.



Be truthful

We will have disagreements and frictions, but we will always be truthful with each other and the public.



Work Collaboratively

A diversity of opinions is a strength not a weakness and we will work together, hearing each other out and debating the best outcome for the borough.