We need homes for all

Interesting article in the press from Christopher Hall, Lib Dem Councillor for Broadwater.


With the news that the average house price in Tunbridge Wells now exceeds half a million the town is continuing on its trajectory as an exclusive enclave for those who can afford it.

For many of the residents in my ward, this news might as well come from another world. Dozens of families, many of whom are struggling with the cost of living. are being forced to move out of their homes in Showfields to make way for redevelopment.

So far only a small handful of residents have been offered a suitable home to relocate to. Is it any wonder? There are currently nearly a thousand people on the housing register. The average wait for a 2 bed property for social rent is 3 years. For a 3 bed, it's longer and rising. 

This Conservative-led Council’s failure to deliver affordable housing for rent, on their watch it has to be said, speaks volumes.

If we genuinely want this town to be an inclusive community that puts residents' wellbeing front and centre, we need a change in who controls the council this May.

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