Dave Neve Announces He Will Stand In 2018

Dave Neve has announced his intention to run in St. James in the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Elections in 2018 following his year in office as the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells. Rather than the usual title of the Worshipful the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells, Dave adapted the title as simply Mayor Dave - after all he has always been ‘a man of the people, for the people.’ He is working on a book about his experience in the mayoral office and says it was a tremendous honour.


20 MPH Speed Limits

After many years of campaigning, Dave is pleased to see the introduction of 20mph speed limits in our area. Impressively there have been much needed road improvements like Wood Street and Camden Road. Dave says he hopes Albion Road and Western Road are next. The Liberal Democrats will keep the pressure on Kent County Council who are ultimately responsible for highways. Dave and Ben continue to challenge KCC’s neglect of our roads and footways in St. James and across the borough. 

Working Behind the Scenes

On the planning front, since taking a more distanced approach to local politics are the last two years, Dave can, as you know, report many changes. Whilst he may not have been seen up front in making decisions, he has worked behind the scenes to help residents. A recent example being the Travis Perkins site in Good Station Road where Dave made representations on behalf of a resident who was to be overlooked with loss of light and privacy. The planned development has now been changed to insure privacy for neighbouring residents.

Local Issues Remain Important

Quarry Road disused toilets have finally been boarded up. How long has the area been a dumping ground? Ben and Dave have worked behind the scenes with the Council to get a resolution to the problem. The developers have had to board up the site at their own cost. Things should not take this long but, without the Liberal Democrats, the area would still be a dumping ground.

Welcome back, Dave!

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