Failures in Benefit System and Social Care Caused by Tory Government

Social Care Crisis Caused by Tory Government Failure 

Commenting on reports that more than 900 adult social care workers a day quit their job in England last year, Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, said: "This is an appalling failure by the government."

The NHS and the care system is lurching from crisis to crisis. There is a massive risk that with the Prime Minister's obsessive focus on pursuing a hard Brexit it is tying up the government so that it is chronically mismanaging other sectors.
"Theresa May’s continued failure to guarantee the future of EU citizens in the UK is only going to create a bigger workforce crisis in the years to come."

Welfare and Benefit Cuts 

This week sees a raft of new measures brought in by George Osborne, former Chancellor and now MP for Cheshire with 6 jobs. How can 6 jobs George have any idea what it is like to live on the breadline and to depend on handouts from the state? 

The Employment and Support Allowance has been cut from £102.15 pw to £73.10 pw which is a jaw dropping 28.4% drop in income. This together with payment of Universal Credit only and not enough housing benefit to pay rent. Housing benefit isn't available to 18-21 year olds for the first time, meaning that as many as 9,000 young people face homelessness.

A total of £2 billion has been wiped off welfare benefits while the Minister of Works and Pension, Damian Green, says “the root cause of poverty is not financial” 

At the same time, women who are expecting their third child, are expected to fill in a form to prove that they were raped “or lose your child tax credits”.

JK Galbraith once said of conservative politicians, they are constantly “engaged in the age old pursuit of a superior moral justification for selfishness”. How true.

Long-Time Labour Supporter/Member Backs Marguerita

Ian Rosam, a former Labour member, is endorsing me as Candidate for Tunbridge Wells North because "Marguerita Morton is the best candidate in this election. As a former Labour party member for 28 years I have switched to the Lib Dems because The Lib Dems offer a policy that is wholeheartedly pro-Europe unlike any other UK political party. This internationalism is balanced with a strong presence in local government."

I would also appreciate your support on May 4th.

Yours sincerely,

Marguerita Morton

KCC Candidate for Tunbridge Wells North



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