Getting serious about mental health services

One in four of us experience mental health problems at some point in our lives. But for too long it has been neglected by the NHS.

Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Tunbridge Wells, James MacCleary said, “It’s so important that mental health should not be ignored or stigmatised. It should be taken as seriously as physical health.”

The Lib Dems are using £400 million to help people with mental health problems get the right support early on, such as talking or psychological therapies, and are introducing waiting times so people will know for the first time when they can expect treatment.

James added, “It’s great that the Lib Dems are introducing the first ever waiting times for mental health services, but there is more to do to ensure the essential changes needed in mental health care happen.

“That’s why we are pledging an extra £8 billion a year for the NHS in the next Parliament, including half a billion dedicated to improving mental health care.”

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