Local elections Thursday 4th May; Lib Dem membership soars, general election update; high court ruling on air pollution…

County Council elections, Thursday 4th May
Elections are won and lost because of people’s perceptions of who will win and who will lose. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! I would urge you to find the time to vote on Thursday. Your vote really does matter.

I am standing as the Lib Dem candidate in Tunbridge Wells North. I live in Tunbridge Wells and I love my town. The Lib Dems are fighting the election on collapse of local services, transparency on the local council, problems with social adult care and children's services and the right of people to plan their own community. If you vote for me I will fight for…

1. Investment in highways, pavements, potholes and road safety

2. Affordable and sustainable homes with the right infrastructure

3. Cleaner environment through better cycling provisions and a low emission zone on the A26

4. Increasing the social care budget by bringing forward the £700m allocated for 2019

See my video here. To find out where your nearest polling station is please see here.

Local Lib Dem membership soars to 312  in total.  Most of these have joined us since May 2016 and more recently since the Referendum result and the declaration of the general election. See our parliamentary candidates interview here.

General Election Update 

High Court rules against government in air pollution debate

The government has been ordered to publish tough new plans to tackle air pollution after the high court rejected attempts by ministers to keep the policy under wraps until after the general election. Tunbridge Wells is greatly affected by air pollution because of traffic congestion. I am passionate about introducing clean air zones, in particular, St. John's Road and London Road, and welcome this ruling.

Read the full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/apr/27/air-pollution-plan-election-campaign-bomb-court-government


Overview of recent government cuts

  • Schools funding formula – £3b has been cut from LEA schools, making a 8% real terms cut. All schools in Tunbridge Wells and Southborough will receive less than the recommended £4,800 per pupil.
  • Care contracts – 100 councils are giving back care contracts and one in six care homes are failing; 69 have already closed their doors
  • Road maintenance and footpaths – the backlog for highways maintenance is set to increase from £584m to £691m by 2026 and for footpaths the increase will grow by 50%
  • Roads budget – cut by £580m
  • Welfare cuts – £2b welfare cuts

Southborough Hub

The Tory led council at Southborough Town Council just made a pledge that the residents of Southborough would not pay a penny more in council tax for the building of the new town centre development.  I  will hold them to account on this guarantee that the costs of the replacement Hub will be fully funded by the sale of council owned land as promised.  Southborough desperately needs a new town centre to reinvigorate business and create a community  hub that will contribute to its wellbeing of which we can all be proud.

I want you to vote for me, Marguerita Morton, on Thursday 4th May, because I will get things done.  Don't leave it to someone else as they might be leaving it to you.

We are the only party who will stand up for EU citizens' rights to live, work and stay in the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,


Marguerita Morton
KCC Candidate for Tunbridge Wells North


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