How and Where have the Conservatives Lost Elections

Tunbridge Wells Election Results Since 2014


In June 2014 the local Conservative party held 79% of the seat on the Borough Council (38 seats out of 48).  By May 2015 the Conservatives held all but 6 seats, i.e. 88% of councillors were Conservative.  Since that time the opposition parties have eroded the Conservative majority, so that in November 2021 the Conservatives lost overall control of the council.  The Liberal Democrats are the largest non Conservative party with 12 seats i.e. 25% of all seats.

[Source:  Democratic and Community Engagement Manager Reports]

Here is an interesting "GIF" map showing the election changes since May 2014 - note how the dominance of the Conservatives in the elections has declined so as at today the opposition parties of the Lib Dems, Alliance, Labour and Independent now hold a majority of seats.





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