Marguerita Morton


Dear Residents

As your new St. John’s Ward councillor, I have already been working on your behalf.

I have been down to St. John’s Park where there have been complaints of litter near the kiosk and vandalism. I will be looking into how we can solve the problems of anti social behaviour and improving the environment for park users.

With regards to our new waste collection service, Peter Lidstone and I have complained about the state of the roads after the new contractors have collected the rubbish.  We will keep an eye out to stop our streets from generally becoming dumping grounds for everything from crisp packets to dog litter.

I will be serving on the Parks & Gardens Task & Finish Group so that we can keep our public parks and the public realm as clean and maintained as possible.  In addition, I will be serving on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Do please contact me or Pete or Mark if you have something important to report as we are keeping track in our daily rounds to prevent worse incidents from happening.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Marguerita Morton

Councillor for St. John’s


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