More progress needed on cinema site

Lib Dems call on council to get site valued and consider buying it

Lib Dem campaigners are demanding more progress is made on the cinema site in Tunbridge Wells town centre after their success in getting the site demolished and cleared.

There have been recent rumours that the site could be put up for sale by its current owners and local Lib Dems want to see the council take positive action on behalf of the community.

“It is time that the council seriously considered taking over the site in the interests of local people.” says Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner, James MacCleary.

“The current owners have the Conservatives in their pockets and local people lost faith in their ability to resolve the issue.”

St John’s campaigner, Trevor Poile, adds: “Working with the community we’ve finally got some progress on the site after all these years.

“Now we want to make sure that we keep up the pressure by getting the site valued in case it goes on the market so that the council can consider buying it for the community.”

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