Allen Lear to Stand in Southborough North

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Secrecy Over Southborough Hub


The finances of the proposed Southborough Hub are being withheld from the majority of the Southborough Town Councillors who have only been shown the business plan with the financial information removed. Liberal Democrat by election candidate, Allen Lear, says "It's disturbing that, with the exception of a few, Tory Councillors are making decisions on the hub without the full financial picture." County Council campaigner, Marguerita Morton, says, "I'm also concerned that the Borough Council is proposing to run the theatre. There's a possible conflict of interest and I'd rather an independent trust run things."

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Tunbridge Wells Council Increases Parking Fees


Tunbridge Wells Council has approved an increase in both residents' parking permits and car park fees to generate £700,000 despite objections from the Liberal Democrats. Local councillors, Ben Chapelard who represents St. James and Peter Lidstone who represents St. Johns, also made the argument that the council is missing a valuable opportunity to help reduce air pollution in the area. The Liberal Democrat councillors argued that the council could stagger fees for residents' parking permits based on the amount of pollution generated by the car. Councillor Ben Chapelard pointed out that the pollution on St. Johns Road and on the A26 is over the acceptable level and that the Tory led council has done little to meet commitments ratified in the Paris Agreement in October.


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