Royal Victoria Hall must be at the heart of our community

With the recent closure of the Royal Victoria Hall, the future of the building has been the topic of much concern recently.

For many years the Hall has been part of plans for a hub in the centre of Southborough involving the Town Council, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Kent County Council.

“The three Councils must work hard to ensure that the Royal Victoria Hall forms part of any future plans,” says Trevor Poile.

“The Hall is part of Southborough’s history. I believe that all opportunities should be explored to improve and enhance the Hall as part of any redevelopment.”


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More progress needed on cinema site

Lib Dems call on council to get site valued and consider buying it

Lib Dem campaigners are demanding more progress is made on the cinema site in Tunbridge Wells town centre after their success in getting the site demolished and cleared.

There have been recent rumours that the site could be put up for sale by its current owners and local Lib Dems want to see the council take positive action on behalf of the community.

“It is time that the council seriously considered taking over the site in the interests of local people.” says Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner, James MacCleary.

“The current owners have the Conservatives in their pockets and local people lost faith in their ability to resolve the issue.”

St John’s campaigner, Trevor Poile, adds: “Working with the community we’ve finally got some progress on the site after all these years.

“Now we want to make sure that we keep up the pressure by getting the site valued in case it goes on the market so that the council can consider buying it for the community.”

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Conservatives slammed for spending £24k on hoardings to hide cinema site

Local people have been stunned by plans from the Conservative-run council to spend £24,000 of taxpayers’ money to hide their cinema site shame.

Local Lib Dem councillors have spoken against the plans demanding to know why the billionaire site owners cannot foot the cost.

Tunbridge Wells councillor, Ben Chapelard said: “Tunbridge Wells Borough Council spending £24,000 on improving the hoardings is a waste of public money. The costs outweigh any possible gains. My question would be ‘What difference will it make to getting the site redeveloped?’“

“The Conservatives have failed to get the cinema site developed for 14 years and now they want to cover it up!

“It is understandable that the Tories are embarrassed about how badly they have failed our town, but putting up some new boards to hide it will not make the problem go away - particularly not at a cost of £24k to local taxpayers.

“Once again the Conservatives are letting the site's hugely wealthy owners dump the cost on local people. It is scandalous.”

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