Allen Lear to Stand in Southborough North

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Secrecy Over Southborough Hub


The finances of the proposed Southborough Hub are being withheld from the majority of the Southborough Town Councillors who have only been shown the business plan with the financial information removed. Liberal Democrat by election candidate, Allen Lear, says "It's disturbing that, with the exception of a few, Tory Councillors are making decisions on the hub without the full financial picture." County Council campaigner, Marguerita Morton, says, "I'm also concerned that the Borough Council is proposing to run the theatre. There's a possible conflict of interest and I'd rather an independent trust run things."

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Tunbridge Wells Council Increases Parking Fees


Tunbridge Wells Council has approved an increase in both residents' parking permits and car park fees to generate £700,000 despite objections from the Liberal Democrats. Local councillors, Ben Chapelard who represents St. James and Peter Lidstone who represents St. Johns, also made the argument that the council is missing a valuable opportunity to help reduce air pollution in the area. The Liberal Democrat councillors argued that the council could stagger fees for residents' parking permits based on the amount of pollution generated by the car. Councillor Ben Chapelard pointed out that the pollution on St. Johns Road and on the A26 is over the acceptable level and that the Tory led council has done little to meet commitments ratified in the Paris Agreement in October.


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Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrat Priorities for 2017

We have identified our local priorities in the upcoming months as:

1. Holding the Conservative led borough council to account, particularly with regard to the proposed new Civic development, the Southborough Hub and the Cranbrook Hub.

2. Ensuring that we move ahead with regard to the sustainable development goals, including reducing poverty, ensuring equality, particularly with regard to women and minority groups, and moving away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy.

3. Ensuring that any new housing development meets minimum quality standards and to promote more quality, affordable housing.

4. Reducing speed limits to 20 miles per hour in residential streets and improving cycling lanes.

5. Campaigning to stop the council from increasing parking fees and to include glass in doorstep recycling.

6. Working towards better broadband and mobile coverage across Tunbridge Wells and the borough.

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Your Liberal Britain

Since the referendum, the Liberal Democrats have gained members and now have over 80,000 members nationally. 

The Liberal Democrats are not like other parties. Our members decide our policy. Their experience and understanding helps ensure we have the very best policies that matter to ordinary (and exceptional) people.

That's why, unlike the other parties, Liberal Democrat members vote on all policy at our Party Conferences. We are also undergoing an immediate consultation and are asking YOUR input on YOUR vision for a Liberal Britain. You can find details here:

We welcome all members for their input!


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After the Referendum

Tunbridge Wells voted to remain in the European Union with a majority of 54.9%. We were extremely disappointed that this result was not reflected in the overall results of the recent referendum.

A number of residents have asked what to expect after the referendum to leave the European Union so we will give a brief explanation of what we know so far. The government will need to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to notify the European Union that the United Kingdom no longer wishes to be a member. The government will then need to negotiate the terms of our exit from the European Union. This may take up to two years. In the meantime, we will remain in the European Union and will need to honour our agreements. Our Members of the European Parliament will continue to work to represent us within the European Union. Our Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for the southeast is Catherine Bearder. More information about her work in the European Union can be found here:

Our leader, Tim Farron, has assured us that the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to remain in or rejoin the European Union. We hope you will join us.

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Vote Remain on June 23rd

There are many reasons to vote "yes" on Thursday, June 23rd. The biggest of them: The economy. As a member of the European Union, we are an active member of the largest economy in the world. That gives us enormous power - both financially and socially. In practical terms, each household in the United Kingdom saves approximately £450 per year on purchases. When you consider EU investment in the United Kingdom in terms of both funding and workers, this amounts to over £3,000 per year per household.

Britain has benefited enormously by being in the European Union over the last 43 years. We now have the 5th largest economy in the world with near record low unemployment of 5.2%. While we contribute 1% of our national budget to the EU, we receive more than £1 billion a year for research and development alone. The EU also funds infrastructure, farming and manufacturing in the UK.

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Councillor David Neve Elected Mayor of Tunbridge Wells

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Local Lib Dems Win New Seat in St. John's

Liberal Democrat candidate, Pete Lidstone, won the St. John's seat in the local elections on May 5th with a confident majority of 43% beating the incumbent conservative. Pete, who put in many long hours talking to local residents, was ecstatic about his win.

"The voters of St John's have given a clear mandate for change, and want to see more action from their Councillors. I will fight to deliver change and represent St John's within the conservative-led council", said Pete yesterday.

Liberal Democrats also won one of the St. James' seats on Thursday with voters returning an overwhelming 71% majority for Councillor Ben Chapelard.

"I will use your mandate to continue getting things done in St James’, represent your views and make sure that the Conservative-run council listens to you. I may not always succeed, but rest assured I will always give it my best shot", Ben told St. James' residents.

Hugh Patterson narrowly lost his borough seat in Capel by 76 votes and retained his parish seat.

"It is my pleasure to have served my fellow residents in 12 out of the last 16 years", said Hugh. "I hope my successor will continue to work on flood prevention and reducing lorry traffic in the village."

Liberal Democrats won 45 council seats nationally and the party and supporters were heartily thanked by the Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron.

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Lib Dems Fight Local Elections

Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems are gearing up for the local elections to be held on Thursday, May 5th.

We will be fighting to ensure that the voices of local people are heard. Please give us your support!!

The Liberal Democrats are standing in the following wards for the upcoming local elections and for Police and Crime Commissioner:


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