Business Leaders: "There Will Be No Brexit Dividend."

Business leaders join Cable in Brexit warning

Ahead of Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement, business leaders have signed a joint statement with Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable warning that the UK faces more uncertainty if Brexit proceeds.
Twenty business people, from a range of backgrounds, agree “Any investment which is ‘pent up’ will remain so if Brexit proceeds, during a period of protracted and acrimonious further negotiation.
“The Chancellor is labouring in an absurd delusion by suggesting the economy will receive any Brexit Boost. Instead, there will be a heavy price to pay for business and for citizens.
 “The Government’s Withdrawal Agreement leaves a panoply of crucial questions about the future trading relationship of the EU unanswered.
“The certainty which businesses crave can only be secured by a People’s Vote and a decision to stay in the European Union, as a leading player setting the rules rather than merely following them.
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable added: 

"It is quite clear that business isn’t fooled by the idea that ‘getting on’ with Brexit would provide certainty.
“The only really certain outcome would be to give the public a choice between the friendless Withdrawal Agreement and remaining in the EU.
“Overwhelmingly – whether in public or in private – business would prefer to stay as a full members of the EU.  If the public chooses to do so in a People’s Vote, there would be a significant economic boost.
“Contrary to all the government tries to allege, Brexit with a deal or without will cause the economy to contract.  Brexit means a poorer country, and a less welcoming home for business investment.”

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Liberal Democrats Want a Peoples Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement

Liberal Democrats are open and outward-looking. We passionately believe that Britain’s relationship with its neighbours is stronger as part of the European Union. Whatever its imperfections, the EU remains the best framework for working effectively and co-operating in the pursuit of our shared aims. It has led directly to greater prosperity, increased trade, investment and jobs, better security, and a greener environment. Britain is better off in the EU.

Liberal Democrats campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU. However, we acknowledge the result of the 2016 referendum, which gave the Government a mandate to start negotiations to leave. The decision Britain took, though, was simply whether to remain in or to leave the European Union. There was no option on the ballot paper to choose the shape of our future relationship with the EU on vital issues including trade, travel or security.

While much remains uncertain about Theresa May’s approach, it is now clear that the Conservatives are campaigning for a Hard Brexit. This means leaving the Single Market, ending freedom of movement, and abandoning the Customs Union – even though these choices will make the UK poorer and disappoint many leave voters who wanted a different outcome.


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Emergency planning report details catastrophic effect of no-deal Brexit on Kent

Emergency planning report details catastrophic effect of no-deal Brexit on Kent

  • Food supplies disrupted as safety testing becomes impossible
  • Schools, social care, transport and business will face severe disruption
  • County Council forced to spend over £20 million on reinforcing Kent's roads and hundreds of thousands of pounds to employ more staff to cope with chaos

The true impact of a catastrophic no deal Brexit has been laid bare in a report published on Wednesday detailing Kent County Council's emergency plans.

The high level report outlines the desperate measures the council will need to take to keep basic services such as social care, schools, highways and trading standards running if the UK leaves without a deal in March 2019.

KCC's plans include employing dozens of extra trading standards and communications staff at a cost to taxpayers of several hundred thousand pounds.

With Kent "routinely" having to accommodate 10,000 extra lorries as border checks are imposed under a no deal scenario, the report details fears that the resulting traffic problems will be so bad that carers will be unable to reach patients, teachers and pupils will be unable to travel to school and the council's own staff won't be able to get around the county. 

The Government's traffic management plan, Operation Brock, would see lorries shunted around the county, first parking just outside the Port of Dover, then on the M20. When that was full the next phase would involve opening the old Manston Airport site to park more lorries, followed by the M26 and finally sending lorries "outside the county". Where is not specified. 

The resulting congestion is expected to have a severe impact, and the report details contingency plans to help vital services maintain a semblance of normality despite gridlocked roads across the county. 

Social care services have been told to identify staff who live close to particularly vulnerable patients, who may be able to visit if their regular carer cannot reach them. 

Schools have been asked to review travel plans for staff and pupils and put contingencies in place if people cannot get to school. They have also been told to plan for poor air quality caused by idling HGVs outside school buildings. 

According to the report, council staff have staff have been told to consider the following:

  • Prolonged disruption to passenger and freight networks impacting the strategic road and rail networks and the surrounding local road network
  • Disruption to the importation and exportation of goods, foodstuffs and other consumables, and medicines and other medical supplies due to changes in trading rules and regulations and from traffic congestion
  • Disruption to vulnerable individuals and communities affected by major traffic congestion resulting in an inability to attend schools, hospitals, etc
  • Disruption to staff travel leading to staff shortages in key services such as social care and an inability to provide local services and individual appointments
  • An increase in the numbers of migrants arriving in Kent, including unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, as a consequence of the change in UK-EU relations.
  • Another little discussed yet vital area likely to be severely affected is Kent Scientific Services, which tests food to ensure it is safe. This testing relies on chemicals imported from the EU, and on samples being able to move freely and quickly around the county. If this testing cannot be done, food supplies could be disrupted as it will become impossible to tell whether imports are fit for human consumption. In the event of no deal, transporting samples quickly around the country and buying the necessary chemicals may become impossible. As a result KCC is stockpiling vital chemicals and planning to spend money on new testing centres and staff.
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