Personal Statement from Allen Lear, KCC Candidate for Tunbridge Wells East

About me:

I was born and grew up in Nottingham and became a small business operator straight out of college when my family took over a public house. I have since run three Pubs and worked in the licensing trade for 10 years.

After leaving the alcohol industry I made a success of a Petrol station franchise. When it was sold, I moved to work on and support at woodland site which provided outdoor activities and film location settings. I now have a small, local childcare business.

Why I want to be your KCC Councillor:

My son will be 5 this year and as a proud parent, I want to see him well educated and with excellent services. I chose to stand for Kent County Council elections so that austerity could be fought in Kent.

We need more services and not the cuts another Tory or UKIP councillor will bring.  In particular I want to see glass recycling on our doorsteps. It is unthinkable that the Tories have so far failed to include it in their budgets.

I also want to fight for Pembury Hospital  funding which like all NHS services is under pressure on its finances. It has cancelled all minor surgery for the foreseeable future as it cannot afford these procedures.

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