Personal Statement from Andrew Hickey, KCC Candidate for Tunbridge Wells South

Andrew Hickey is standing as your Kent County Council candidate for Tunbridge Wells South

My family and I have lived in Tunbridge Wells for 12 years.

I work in information technology and advise a number of global, UK and local businesses on policy and organisational processes. I am also actively involved in the Tunbridge Wells community and secretary of a local youth football team.

As your County Councillor I will focus on:

Infrastructure: our roads, pavements, cycle tracks, and public transport need improved planning and funding to support our dynamic and growing town and county.

Education: our children’s futures depend on a world class education system and we need to make more school places available close to where they are needed.

Health and social care: we all have a duty to help the most vulnerable in our society and we need to allocate our county council taxes more fairly to support health and social care improvement.

Environment: our town and county needs to grow in a sustainable way without further damaging air quality and the environment more generally. We need to take environmental impact more seriously in all development decisions.

I will work on all of these issues at the county level lobbying for improvements for Tunbridge Wells.


Brexit has led to uncertainty and worry for many of our town’s and county’s citizens.  In Kent we are closely linked to Europe both physically and culturally - this will not end because of Brexit, and we need to continue to recognise and embrace the diversity and tolerance of our local communities and support our local businesses in their trade with Europe.

Please contact me at [email protected] or 01892 618 277

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