Personal Statement from Clare Bishop, KCC Candidate for Cranbrook

"I have two sons aged 14 and 12 who were both born in Barcelona, where we lived for 13 years whilst I set up and ran a destination wedding planning company. Whilst we loved the experience of living in Spain, I have always felt very British as well as European. I was worried by the politics in Catalonia where most Catalans want independence from Spain and I feared things might eventually lead to civil unrest. I wanted the boys to have an English secondary education and for us all to be around my family. I hadn't realised how much I missed my homeland but have loved everything about being back, even the weather... until Brexit. 

I joined the Lib Dems two days after the referendum and I am now the fundraising manager for Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems. Before now I have never been politically active in my life, other than voting in general elections. I will never vote Conservative or Labour again, who in my opinion have collectively destroyed everything I love about my country. I agree wholeheartedly with the Liberal Democrats' policies and hope that the surge towards fascism will be stopped by the Lib Dem fightback. My country and children's' futures depend on it in my heartfelt opinion."

Clare Bishop, 44, mother of two

KCC Candidate for Cranbrook Division


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