Become an open & transparent council


Ensure our consultation processes are constructive and allow for meaningful input from residents



Conservatives have used their political majority to ensure that all scrutiny committees are chaired by Conservatives. When TWBC privatises or creates arm’s length or joint venture companies, only Conservatives serve on the boards of those companies. This is undemocratic. All overview and scrutiny committees should be chaired by the opposition parties, as recommended by the Local Government Association’s best practice.


All minutes of the working parties such as Housing Advisory Panel, Climate Emergency Action Panel, Civic Complex Action Plan Group and Task & Finish Groups should be made public, except where commercial negotiations are taking place with third parties.

Developer contributions. (Section 106 agreements) More public scrutiny of the availability, the purpose and disposal of S106 agreements. The public has a right to know when contributions expire and what the Council are doing about it.

More extensive use of public consultation and at an earlier stage, so that residents can contribute in a meaningful way. Make concrete efforts to attract and seek out a diverse range of residents to give their input.