Vote Remain on June 23rd

There are many reasons to vote "yes" on Thursday, June 23rd. The biggest of them: The economy. As a member of the European Union, we are an active member of the largest economy in the world. That gives us enormous power - both financially and socially. In practical terms, each household in the United Kingdom saves approximately £450 per year on purchases. When you consider EU investment in the United Kingdom in terms of both funding and workers, this amounts to over £3,000 per year per household.

Britain has benefited enormously by being in the European Union over the last 43 years. We now have the 5th largest economy in the world with near record low unemployment of 5.2%. While we contribute 1% of our national budget to the EU, we receive more than £1 billion a year for research and development alone. The EU also funds infrastructure, farming and manufacturing in the UK.

The European Union has also enabled us to have a bigger voice in the world when it comes to peace and democracy. The EU and NATO work together to maintain peace in the region. EU economic sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table and enabled us to sign a nuclear weapons deal. The EU provided 2.4 billion to help implement the Good Friday Agreement with Ireland. It is uncertain what will happen with regard to the 2 million Britons living in Europe, the Irish and Europeans living within the United Kingdom or whether Scotland would again consider leaving the UK were we to vote leave. We will also have to renegotiate any support from the EU in maintaining our borders.

All in all, the Liberal Democrats are supporting the Remain Campaign. We urge you to do the same!

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