Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems' Response to 2021/22 Budget

  Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems have voted in favour of the Conservatives' budget for 2021/22. However the predicted losses in the years to come are concerning and we do not see any proposed solution to this. These expected losses must be proactively addressed by the Conservatives and we see it as ou...

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New Year Vision 2021

As we enter a new year, Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats recognise that our immediate focus must be on fighting and recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic. The new year also allows us to look further forward and outline our plan for Tunbridge Wells town and borough in 2021.

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Local residents must have a stronger voice in the planning process

Christopher Hall is a senior manager at AXA Health in Tunbridge Wells. He has lived in Ramslye in Broadwater ward since 2016. Chris is Vice Chair of the Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats and a campaigner for Broadwater.

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