Trust is in Short Supply in Politics These Days

Nationally, Boris Johnson and his Government have been elected to ‘Get Brexit done’. Will they? Possibly. Will they deliver on all of the promises made, while maintaining the integrity of the United Kingdom? I wouldn’t hold my breath. Locally, Tunbridge Wells residents are angry that £10.8m of th...

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Liberal Democrats Announce Timetable for New Leader

Lib Dems set out timetable to elect next leader The Liberal Democrats have today agreed the timetable to elect the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.At a meeting today of the party’s Federal Board in London, the party agreed to open nominations for candidates on the 11th of May and close them ...

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Thanks to Everyone who Voted Liberal Democrat in the General Election

Thanks to everybody who voted Liberal Democrat in the General Election. While we came second, we were heartened by the response in Tunbridge Wells. We hope that we will continue to be able to ensure that liberal voices are heard in Tunbridge Wells and beyond. A big thank you to our candidate, Ben...

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