Cllr James Rands - "We need to talk honestly about the Assembly Hall Theatre"

James Rands was elected Borough Councillor for Culverden ward in 2019. He is current Chair of Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats

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Improving Social Care in England - Health or Wellbeing?

We have heard a lot recently about the “fragmented” social care sector along with some rumblings about the National Health Service becoming responsible for the sector. I’ve worked in health and social care in England for almost two decades now and I can tell you this. In my experience, there is j...

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Bins, Bins, Bins

Everything lately has been covid19 related but I would like to see our council in the borough of Tunbridge Wells get back to basics. The town is just looking a little shabby and, while it’s nice to see the new paving in the centre of Tunbridge Wells and the flower boxes which have become a regula...

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