Insight Club

This is the fourth season of our hugely succesful Insight Club talks. A series of small audience Friday night talks by experts in their fields.

Friday January 26th - How do you disrupt the status quo? (Laura YoungsonSerial entrepreneur, 4x world record holder, founder IDA Sports)

Friday February 23rd  - Can there ever be a two-state solution? (Arthur Snell: Former High Commissioner, author, podcaster)

Friday March 22nd - Could Britain survive a surprise military attack? (Frank Ledwidge: Author, expert on international conflict)

Friday April 19th - How do we make town centres ready for the 21st century? (Chloe Salisbury: Director of Town Planning, ARUP, CBI 35 Under 35)

Friday May 24th - What's so good about high-speed railways? (Richard Thorp: Engineering Director, High Speed 1)

Friday June 28th - What is the role of oil companies in the energy transition? (David Fitzsimmons: Former Director of Strategy, BP)


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